[VIDEO] Banky W ft. Nonso Amadi – Running After U



Do you ever think about the fact that
there aren’t too many celebrations of
Married life on Music Television? There’s
a lot of hooking up and twerking, there’s
a lot of consummating and flirting, and
there are a whole lot of proposals-and-
wedding day music videos… but there
aren’t too many celebrations of the
married life that comes afterward.


In the “Running After U” song, I tried to
tell the story of how my wife and I got
together. And so 24 hours before we shot
the video, I decided I wanted to use the
video to celebrate the journey of
marriage. And so I drastically altered the
original casting plans last minute, and
called up all my married friends who
were in town, to come hang out on set,
have some fun together, and celebrate the
decision to attempt this thing called life

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